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Print on Demand Fact Sheet Database

To locate the fact sheet database, you may type in or These are different addresses for the same website.

If you know the number, title, author or subject matter of the fact sheet, current report or other publication, you may search for it at any time by entering the information in the search box. Otherwise, you may look for publications by departmental listing, or by topic. Descriptions of each publication are shown directly below each title. Once you find the publication, click on the title to open the pdf. You may print it on your home printer or download it for future use.

Instructions for Print On Demand

To log into the system, go to the main page ( Directly below “Related Links” click on the link to “Login to the Print on Demand System.”  Each county, district, area office and department has it's own User ID and Password. If you do not know yours, contact Dwayne Hunter.

With each newly posted fact sheet, there will be a “New” icon beside it for one week. Please check this weekly. It will help you stay up-to-date on newly added fact sheets. This link can be found below the “Related Links” title on the main page-at the bottom.

When searching for fact sheets, go to the main page, and enter the fact sheet number or keyword (such as “tomato diseases”). If you are logged in, you will get two “hits” for every fact sheet. If you want to print one out in your office, choose the one without the shopping cart icon. This is the 8.5 x 11 version. If ordering, click on the shopping cart. You do NOT need to be logged in to do a search. If you are not logged in and want to print something out for a client, search without logging in. This will give you the 8.5 x 11 version only.

You may also used the “Advanced” search tool. Click on the word “advanced” next to the search tool at the top right of the page. Here, you can refine your search. You can search by what the title contains, description, keywords, and/or when the document was created or modified. You can also select how many results you would like (from 5 to 1,000). For example, if you do a search for “tomato” then add “disease” and “fungi” the top result should be “EPP-7625 Common Diseases of Tomatoes: Part I Diseases Caused by Fungi.” You can search for “created by” fact sheets-this, too will help you learn of any newly added fact sheets. Simply search by "created after” and list a date.

You can always tell where you are in the system by looking at the top of the page directly under the login information. It will look like Location: Home-Print on Demand-Departmental List-Family & Consumer Sciences-Health, Food, & Nutrition. In this instance, you would be in the Health, Food & Nutrition folder, in the Family & Consumer Sciences section, in the Departmental listing, in the Print on Demand part of the site. You can click on any of these to navigate the system.

If you have several fact sheets on one page, you can order more than one at a time simply by clicking on the boxes to the left of the titles, then at the top of the column, click “order.” You would then change the quantity for each-and they would not need to be the same quantity for all of them, so if you needed 10 of one fact sheet, and 45 of another, you could make that order. Be sure to choose “update quantities” after making those changes. If you do not, the system will revert to one. Once you have made your order, click “Proceed to Checkout.” Fill out this information, leaving the account number blank. Fact sheets are free to the counties. You may order up to 10 titles at one time, and up to 200 of each. If you need additional titles, place them in a separate order-no need to log out. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

Feel free to contact Gayle Hiner (405-744-3659) if you have any problems or questions.