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Typography is as important to a successful brand identity as institutional marks.

If it’s used consistently, DASNR's typography can identify the division independently of its wordmarks or logos, helping proliferate our brand.

  • Helvetica Neue LT Std

      The Helvetica Neue LT Std family of fonts is the primary sans serif typeface for OSU and DASNR. Helvetica Neue LT Std Extended is preferred. For Helvetica Neue LT Std, a suitable replacement is Verdana.
      Download the Helvetica Neue LT Std family of fonts.
  • Sabon

      Sabon is the primary serif font for OSU and DASNR. For Sabon, a suitable replacement is Times New Roman.
      Download the Sabon family of fonts.

  • GoPokes

      Go Pokes and Go Pokes Display fonts are trademarks of Oklahoma State University. The fonts are intended for the exclusive use for the campuses, colleges, centers, departments, agencies, services, offices and units of Oklahoma State University for the sole use of the university. All others must obtain a license from Oklahoma State University.


      To obtain a copy of the GoPokes font, visit