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Three things to know about ACS news and media relations

The News and Media Relations team at OSU Agricultural Communications Services has gone through a facelift over the past year. The group still offers many of the same services as it has historically, but there are some new features you may not know about. Below are the Top 3 services provided by OSU Ag Comm News and Media Relations that might be flying under the radar.

1. Premier Content

Every week a new feature article will be posted in the Premier Content portion of the website. These stories are not like the average press release, rather they go into more personal and detailed information. Also, Premier Content is posted exclusively online, but can still be used for any communications needs you may have.

2. DASNR Resource Centers

Considered “evergreen” content, our DASNR Resource Centers are full of information that can be used throughout the year. Inside each center you will find press releases, fact sheets, photos and videos relative to timely information applicable on the state level. When it’s winter, come check out the winter preparedness Resource Center. When it’s tornado season, come check out the tornado preparedness and recovery center. Any guesses where you should go if you have bed bugs? We have a center for that.

3. Division News

Every press release, feature story and/or media advisory we produce can be found in the Division News section of the website. These items have been released to media outlets and are free and open for the taking. There is a six-month shelf life on these items, so you have some time to track down information.

Every word on the ACS News and Media Relations page has been approved by the appropriate people and is available for any communications needs you have. If you write a column for your local paper and need some content, want some information for your newsletter, or literally any other reason, please take what you need. You can remove and/or replace bylines, or change attribution of quoted material if you need.

Please let us know how you use this content and if we’re missing anything. Thanks!

Sean Hubbard
Communications Specialist
News and Media Relations Workgroup