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Trisha Gedon


Communications Specialist:
News and Media Relations


In 1992, George H.W. Bush was president, Microsoft released Windows 3.1, “A Few Good Men” topped the charts for cinematic entertainment, “Law and Order” was the most popular show on television, gas was $1.13 per gallon, the Dow-Jones high point was 3,413 and Trisha Gedon began her career with Agricultural Communications Services at Oklahoma State University.

Working on a tenure that stretches a quarter of a century, she has somehow become “one of the oldies” in the ACS unit. Long gone are the days of being the youngest. But with time, comes wisdom, or at least some knowledge in a few areas she knew little or nothing about before taking on the role of communications specialist.

She is an avid collector of “Wizard of Oz” memorabilia, with enough ornaments to decorate a couple of Christmas trees. She also enjoys having an opportunity to “Thunder UP” and can be found cheering on the OSU Cowboys every chance she gets.

Raised in the Harper County town of Laverne, best known as the home of Jayne Jayroe, Miss America, 1967, Trish followed the yellow brick road to Stillwater where she earned her degree in journalism. After stints with newspapers in Vinita, Chickasha and Enid, she found her way back to Cowboy Country where she settled in, got married and raised her family.


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