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Leilana McKindra


Communications Specialist:
News and Media Relations


When city slicker Leilana McKindra joined OSU Agricultural Communications Services in July 2011, she didn’t know wheat from grass. Since then, she’s made some progress on that front – now she understands wheat is a type of grass.

After harboring serious childhood aspirations of becoming a doctor and first baseman for her beloved Chicago Cubs, Leilana finally discovered her true calling as a writer with a passion for telling meaningful, compelling stories that both inform and inspire readers. She arrived at OSU after a 13-year stint with the NCAA national office based in Indianapolis. A native of Kansas City, Kansas, it’s probably no surprise she has a deep appreciation of bar-be-cue done well.

When she’s not using her talents to promote OSU, you can probably find Leilana in the gym training as a competitive powerlifter, in front of a television indulging in her love of all sports, curled up on a couch with a good book or hunched over a laptop chasing a dream of becoming a published fiction novelist. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and a master’s degree from the University of Kansas.


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